Ross Caesar's 6-Week Shred Challenge

Ross Caesar's 6-Week Shred Challenge

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This 6-Week Challenge is meant to create absolute focus, dedication and learning new healthy lifestyle techniques to achieve your ultimate health and fitness goals.

Ross Caesar, professional athlete and fitness trainer has been helping people with their health and body goals for over 20 years. Throughout his years of training and competing as a bodybuilder, he has created many effective techniques for fitness and mental reprogramming to achieve real pro results.

What You Get

  • Three 45-Minute Personal Training Sessions Per Week (18 total)
  • Weekly 1-On-1 Body Composition Weigh-ins (6 total)
  • Personalized Meal Guidance by Health Coach Alex Dill
  • Someone To Hold You Accountable
  • Daily Support: Phone, Text/What's App, E-mail
  • Discount on green vegetables at Dill Pickles Farming


  • Lose Excess Body Fat
  • Tone Your Body
  • Increase Energy and Endurance
  • Reprogram Your Mind
  • Improve Mental Focus
  • Be Healthy and Happy